Honestly is usually the best policy. At Affinity Marketing Consultants, we believe in providing you with all the options, not just the ones that are easy for us to send you a bill.

Before starting the company, I worked in the small business and non-profit sectors for over a decade. I quickly realized that most marketing companies are more focused on designing products. Strategies that are difficult to monetize are just not in the cards.

Sometimes those strategies work, but more often than not, they fall flat. It can be frustrating and expensive to find the right balance of marketing that will make your company soar.

None of our services offer overnight success, and I don’t have any secret sauce that will create a 10X increase in your business’s income. If I did have a secret, it would be that hard work, and patience usually pays off in the end. The trick is staying alive long enough to find the solution.

Marketing That Matters

Our slogan came about because many of our best clients are non-profits who work to fight the scourge of drugs, promote literacy, and generally try to make our world a better place. So we like to think that we do “Marketing That Matters.” However, after thinking it over, I realized that it meant a bit more than that.

I can remember the days of sitting in my office, pulling my hair out, desperately trying to find a way to make payroll. It was 2009, and things weren’t going well at the small non-profit I found my self. The organization had found itself at cross roads, stuck between traditional marketing, grass-roots activism, and the growing internet. Newspapers were closing, and it looked like the end of traditional media. The economy was in the hole, and entire subdivisions were being emptied out by the ever-growing number of failing savings and loans.

Add to that a healthy dose of online reputation problems, and you had the makings of a perfect storm that almost blew the whole thing down.

When your desperate, you start flailing around in the dark, trying desperately to find solutions to your problems, to relieve the pain and ultimately, hopefully, avoid laying off that mother of 3 who desperately needs her job.  

I wish I could say I was the hero of the story, while I did hang in there and ultimately find many of the solutions I offer others today, it took a team. I certainly didn’t do it alone. One of the most important things I can tell you is that no one is going to figure it out for you. All we can do is guide you in the right direction, handle some technical wizardry, teach YOU some skills and hopefully have some fun along the way. Ultimately, our goal is to put you in the driver’s seat, not sell you a product or service. What the solution for you looks like is about how you want to run your organization. 

By helping you develop internal staff and skills instead of doing everything for you, we want to become your partner and continue to grow with you. 

That’s What “Marketing That Matters” means to us.